• Max. swing: Ø420 mm
  • Swing over cross slide: Ø420 mm
  • Standard turning diameter: Ø350 mm
  • Max. turning length: 200 mm (gang-type / V8)
Max. swing Ø420 mm
Swing over cross slide Ø420 mm
Standard turning diameter Ø350 mm
Max. turning length 200 mm
(gang-type / V8)
Travel of  X-axis 480 mm (V8)
240 mm (V8+ polygon cutting)
Travel of  Z-axis 400 mm
Spindle speed 80~4000 r.p.m.
Spindle nose A2-5
Spindle bore Ø55 mm
Bar capacity Ø45 mm
Tool Holder
Type  gang-type / V8 / polygon cutting ( opt.)
O.D. tool shank Ø20 mm, Ø16 mm (polygon cutting)
I.D. tool shank Ø25 mm
Spindle motor (15 min./cont.) βiI8 (14.7 HP /10 HP)
Servo motor X: βiS 8 (1.6 HP) / Z: βiS 8 (1.6 HP)
Hydraulic unit motor 1 HP
Coolant pump motor 1/2 HP
Machine Dimension
Height of machine 2070 mm
Length of machine 1800 mm
Width of machine 2015 mm
Weight of machine 2300 kg
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.