KINWA Lathe Salutes the Heroes of Taiwan's Metalworking Industry

【Winter Solstice and Christmas】

KINWA Lathe Salutes the Heroes of Taiwan's Metalworking Industry

As winter approaches, we are greeted with the warmest moments of the year. The Winter Solstice and Christmas are not only times for family reunions but also perfect opportunities to honor the workers who have toiled throughout the year. KINWA Lathe, with deep respect for the craftsmanship spirit of Taiwan's metalworking industry, is committed to providing the best lathe technology and services to every customer.

This year, we want to do something different. During this special season, KINWA Lathe wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to all the professionals who have steadfastly held their posts in the metalworking industry. Through wind, cold, and economic fluctuations, you have all demonstrated an unyielding spirit, ensuring the quality and tradition of Taiwanese manufacturing continues.

We have prepared a bowl of tangyuan, symbolic of reunion and warmth, not just to celebrate these festivals, but to show our appreciation for you. This is more than just a bowl of tangyuan; it is a recognition of your relentless effort and contribution from KINWA Lathe.

Let us celebrate the Winter Solstice together, share love and warmth, and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.

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