KINWA Lathe: A Fifty-Year Legacy of Corporate Spirit and Innovation

KINWA (KINWA Lathe): A Fifty-Year Legacy of Corporate Spirit and Innovation

The Spirit of Sustainable Management: Keeping
Since its establishment in 1968, KINWA has always adhered to the spirit of sustainable management. For us, "Keeping" means continuously optimizing our business operations and protecting the environment, ensuring the long-term development and prosperity of the company. Our goal is not only to achieve immediate success but also to build a solid foundation for future generations.

The Spirit of Inheritance
"Inheritance" holds a significant place in the core philosophy of KINWA. We cherish the knowledge and technology accumulated over the past 50 years and are committed to passing these valuable technical legacies on to the next generation. Through continuous education and training, we ensure the preservation and development of our professional knowledge and craftsmanship.

Guiding Improvement: Navigate
At KINWA, "Navigate" represents our commitment to continuous improvement. We constantly seek new methods to optimize our processes and services, ensuring that we can meet market changes and fulfill customer needs. Our goal is to guide industry standards through innovation and efficiency.

Winning Customer Satisfaction
In this highly competitive market, "Win" for us means winning customer satisfaction. KINWA values each customer's experience and is dedicated to providing products and services that exceed expectations. Our success is built on the foundation of establishing long-term customer relationships.

Quality First: Accuracy
"Accuracy" is another key value of KINWA, representing our commitment to quality first. Whether it's product design, manufacturing, or service, we adhere to the highest quality standards. This attention to precision and detail is the cornerstone of earning our customers' trust and respect.

Conclusion: KINWA Moving Forward
For fifty years, KINWA has been continuously progressing and innovating. Our corporate spirit—'Keeping Sustainable Management,' 'Inheritance of Technical Knowledge,' 'Navigate Continuous Improvement,' 'Win Customer Satisfaction,' and 'Accuracy in Quality'—not only represents our past but also guides our future. As we move towards the next fifty years, KINWA will continue to uphold these core values, creating greater value for our employees, customers, and society.