Chin Ho Lathe and Chin Hung Machinery: A Half-Century of Heritage and Innovation

Here, we delve into the close relationship between Chin Ho Lathe and Chin Hung Precision Co., Ltd., exploring the rich and unique history of this brand.

The Birth and Development of Chin Ho Lathe

The story of Chin Ho Machine Factory began in 1968, when our founder started an impressive manufacturing journey with just one lathe. In 1973, with the official establishment of Chin Ho Machine Factory, we focused on manufacturing high-quality lathes, quickly establishing our own brand in the industry, known as "Chin Ho Lathe."

The Transformation of Chin Hung Machinery

With the progress of time and growing market demands, by 1980, we not only expanded our factory size but also upgraded our company to a limited company, renaming it "Chin Hung Machinery Co., Ltd". Despite this change in name, the core values and commitments of the "Chin Ho Lathe" brand remained constant.

Enhancing the International Brand Image

In order to further enhance our image in the international market, we started using the Japanese pronunciation of "Chin Ho", "KINWA," as part of our brand name in 2000. This move not only highlighted our global vision but also brought broader recognition to the brand.

Innovation in Brand Identity System

By 2023, we innovated once again, launching a new brand identity system "KINWA". It combines a blue rectangle symbolizing the rotating workpiece and a green pointed shape representing the turning tools, cleverly integrating a hidden letter 'K,' symbolizing our relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to brand heritage.

Gratitude and Future Outlook

Over the years, whether as "Chin Ho Lathe" ,"KINWA Lathe" or "Chin Hung Machinery Co., Ltd.," we have always maintained the same professional spirit and heritage, continually providing our customers with the highest quality lathe products. We are extremely grateful to every customer and partner for their support and trust over the years. Looking forward, we will continue to strive, constantly innovate, and take our brand to an even broader future.

We look forward to witnessing the next milestone of "KINWA"  with you!

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